Market Harborough Art Club

A R T I S T S  I N  A C T I O N  Founded 1963

Eden Coe

I have recently joined the Market Harborough Art Club and plan to stay for many years! I have also recently begun to study art at A level and have a great passion for painting with oil and acrylic paints. My work has been exhibited in the Open 27 exhibition in Leicester, Quinn's gallery and recently in the Symington’s building to celebrate the success of art students at Robert Smyth Academy.

A lot of my inspiration comes from Padstow, which is where my mum’s family live, and from other artists such as Pablo Picasso, Sunita Khedekar and Dawn Clements. I enjoy working in mixed media with bright colours as this reflects my cheerful, confident personality.

Padstow Collage - mixed media

pastiche: Sunita Khedekar - acrylic

Padstow Collage - mixed media

Pastiche: Edward Hopper - acrylic
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