Glenys Alexander


Oil - mainly animals that I have encountered on my travels. Also buildings.



Market Harborough Art Club
A R T I S T S  I N  A C T I O N

founded 1963

glenys alexander

I started my painting career about 12 years ago as an absolute beginner. Started first with charcoals, progressed to pastels, then watercolour. Nearly gave up as I could not get on with watercolour. Fortunately, I went to John Voss’ class at Welland Park, and he introduced me to oils. I was persuaded to join the Market Harborough Art Club, and with John’s tuition and encouragement, began to produce reasonable pictures.
I usually paint from my own photographs, regardless of the subject, but particularly enjoy painting animals that I have seen on various visits around the world.

Tiger 2
Tiger 2 - Oil on board

Untitled - Oils

Toucan - oils

Land Iguana, Santa Fe - Oils

Red Footed Booby - Oils

Polar Bear - Oils

Fox - Oils

Goldfinch - Oils

Ringtailed Lemur
Ring tailed Lemur

Red Squirrel - Oils

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