Market Harborough Art Club

A R T I S T S  I N  A C T I O N  Founded 1963

A Brief history

Back in the 1950s and the early 1960s annual art exhibitions were held in the library which, in those days, was located in The Square in the centre of the town. Anyone could enter a picture simply by turning up and hanging it - how times have changed!

In 1963, Councilor Tugwill, recognising the popularity of the exhibitions, suggested the formation of a local art club. And so it was that a group of enthusiastic exhibitors set about establishing the Club. The first Chairman was Jeff Johnson, who was supported by Mrs. Holland as Treasurer and John Voss as Secretary. John continued on and off in this role until he retired from the post in early 2011 when he was made an Honorary Member of the Club in recognition of his tireless support over the years.

The club proved very popular and such was the enthusiasm of local artists that 71 members attended the first meeting. The Clubs first annual exhibition, an event which continues to this day, was held in 1964 and was opened by Councilor Crisp.

In the early 1970s the then Chairman of the Club, Joyce Markey, proposed that the Club should have a president and the Club was honoured when the late internationally established artist, David Weston, accepted the appointment. The club has had many Presidents since then including Guy Dixon QC and Don Bosher RI. The current President is the acclaimed local artist Frank Scott.

The format and content of the Club have changed over the years to meet modern demands and the Club remains both active and vibrant in these challenging times.


Some of our more recent events are recorded in our archive.


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